Free to Play Android Game


Survive as long as you can

How To Play

The Basics

The game will end if any of the enemies reach your position.  Fire water balloons at them to deter them.  Balloons are limited so be careful!  Balloons can be earned from Headshots or by spending Aura gained from defeating enemies.  The game can be paused at any time to go to the shop and then play can be resumed.

Collect Aura to spend in the shop

The Auras of your enemies are the currency in this game.  It is not purchasable in the shop in either game mode.  A headshot will award the maximum Aura of  1.000.  Hitting another body part will award a lesser amount of Aura but will still cause the enemy to run away.  The enemy may be hit while running away to continue collecting Aura up to a maximum of 1.000.

Boom! Headshot

Headshots will give the maximum Aura per enemy.  Consecutive headshots without missing will award Bonus Balloons to the player.  The amount of Bonus Balloons awarded will increase for each successive headshot.

Touch Controls

Touch the radar to rotate the camera.  Touch in the main view area to fire a balloon at the place touched. 

Resume at any time

The game stores the state of play for both game modes.  This allows the player to play for a few minutes at a time and still progress.  Switching to the other mode while in a game will save the current progress and load the state of the other mode.

Emerald Pixies

Occasionally an Emerald Pixie will appear nearby.  If they are hit with a balloon, time will be slowed in the same manner as the Time Warp item.  The player will also be awarded a random Special Weapon.

Non pay-to-win zone

The leaderboards are separate for both modes.  ‘Top Dog’ mode disallows pay-to-win items in the shop and ‘Normal’ mode is anything goes.

Jiggle Physics

The enemies ( who are women in bikinis for story reasons ), have physics applied to their breasts, butt, thighs and belly.  Usually this is somewhat subtle but if they’re hit with a water balloon while they’re trying to do a cartwheel their ‘getting hit’ animation really shows this off.  

Machine gun Balloon Launchers, SPread Cannon, and more at the shop

The shop is where the player may switch weapons.  The Single Shot launcher is unlocked by default.  To switch to another weapon touch the icon in the shop and you will see the active weapon change on the right side of the screen.

Special Weapons

Special Weapons are received from the Emerald Pixies or may be purchased in the shop.  These include Seekers, Cluster Bombs and Airstrikes.  These are single use items and are used by touching the icon on the left side of the screen during play.  Switch back to the balloon launcher by touching the icon on the right side of the screen.

Two Game Modes

In ‘Normal’ mode all of the items collected by the player will persist between games.  In ‘Top Dog’ mode the items are reset and pay-to-win shop items are disabled.